Project Description

Johnes Scheme

The Johne’s Control Programme is in place to control the spread and impact of Johne’s disease on Irish dairy farms.

Improved calf amd cow health through enhanced farm biosecurity is a major aim of the programme. A key componen is a requirement for IJCP-registered herds to complete an annual herd- level Veterinary Risk Assessment and Management Plan (VRAMP), undertaken by your vet here in Glasslyn.

The VRAMP consists of a review of factors associated with bioexclusion and biocontainment risks of Johne’s disease, including consideration of ‘calf protective’ measures that are considered to be beneficial for improving calf health generally.

Briefly, a series of questions and observations relevant to Johne’s disease transmission are assigned risk assessment scores in four areas: pre- weaned calves; weaned calf; adult cow; and calving area. Whilst this risk assessment is largely focused on factors relevant to the transmission of Johne’s disease, many of its principles are good practice biocontainment policies that are also advocated for the protection of calf health.

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