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TB Testing

Bovine tuberculosis (TB) testing in Ireland is a crucial aspect of the nation’s efforts to control and eradicate this infectious disease, which affects cattle and can also have implications for human health. The testing program involves regular screening of cattle herds using a combination of diagnostic tests, including the tuberculin skin test and the interferon-gamma test. These tests help identify infected animals, allowing for their removal from the herd to prevent further transmission.

Ireland has implemented a comprehensive TB eradication program, which includes:

  • Strict movement controls,
  • Biosecurity measures, and
  • Ongoing surveillance.

However the issue remains a significant challenge for the agricultural sector, with implications for animal welfare, trade, and public health. The government, in collaboration with farmers and stakeholders, continues to refine and strengthen its approach to TB testing and control, aiming for the eventual elimination of the disease from the country’s cattle population.

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