Derbymed SCP spray is a soothing, antiseptic, barrier spray that removes excessive moisture from open wounds and aids in the management of cuts, sores and proud flesh. Derbymed SCP spray is applied externally onto skin to help aid recovery from conditions such as mud rash, greasy heel, saddle sores, girth galls, bites, scratches and sweet itch. Derbymed SCP spray contains many soothing ingredients like zinc oxide, calcium stearate, oregano oil, camomile oil, arnica oil, tea tree oil, and marigold oil. The selected ingredients soothe sensitive and irritated areas of the skin, and disinfect and reduce skin tension. In this way Derbymed SCP Spray relieves itching and reduces the tendency to scratch. camomile and arnica oil have a soothing effect and have been used for centuries to aid the healing process.