Most definitely! If your dog or cat gets injured or sick, pet insurance will protect you from unexpected bills that you had not budgeted for. It can make diagnostic and treatment decisions easier for you and your veterinary surgeon, and it will ensure the best possible outcome for your pet.

In general, most policies will cover veterinary fees up to around €2,000 for an injury only plan and between €3,000 – €4,000 for an injury and illness plan. The other benefits included will depend on the level of cover you choose.  Injury and illness treatments will usually include surgery, prescription drugs and tests.

Policies may also cover some of the costs associated with the search for a missing or stolen pet, such as the cost of putting up posters or offering a reward.  Third party liability for dogs usually comes as standard and means that any damage or injury caused by your dog is covered up to €250,000.

Preventative and routine treatments such as vaccinations, worming and de-fleaing, neutering and dental procedures won’t be covered with pet insurance, but these can be subsidised by Glasslyn Vets Health Plan. In addition, if your pet is over 7 years old, you also need to cover 35% of each condition.

You will also need to bear in mind that you pay the vet directly first and claim the fee back from your insurance afterwards.

While there may be some procedures that are not covered by pet insurance, you should look at pet insurance as a peace of mind.  Most claims are either for long term conditions, such as skin conditions or diabetes, and the drugs used are covered – unlike with human insurance. Geriatric animals can often present with several conditions – so even though you might still have to pay 35% plus the excess towards a bill, it is worth having pet insurance.  When pets get older, multiple conditions can add up quickly.

Every pet owner will be hoping their four-legged friend will never need major surgery or treatment – but nobody knows what is around the corner.  Contact us today to learn more about pet insurance.

Thanks to Denise Philpott, Veterinary Surgeon, for explaining the benefits of pet insurance.